Case Management Nurses: A Hot Commodity

Case Management Nurse: A Hot Commodity

The nursing shortage, which is expected to be in full force for another decade at least, creates many ripple effects that threaten the health of many Americans. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing this shortage is being fueled by the aging Baby Boomer generation and their pending need for health care.

With this shortage comes an equally potential shortage of case management nurses.

What causes this shortage?

Case management nurses often transition from jobs as RNs. They make this change for a multitude of reasons: a desire to stay within a specialty area, wanting to oversee the entire care of a patient, etc. Whatever the reason, case management nurses will be in even greater demand as the years go by because of the aging population and the increased complexity of the healthcare world.

Why are case managers important?

Case managers are priceless to individuals who either don’t have the awareness, educated familial support or other resources to “manage” their care. It also offers an RN the opportunity to see a patient through more than their post-op experience or a segment of their care for a chronic condition.

In a document by Margot Phaneuf, RN, PhD entitled The Roles and Qualities Required of a Case Manager, Phaneuf points out facets of case management that are well worth considering. Take some time to read her thoughts and see if her message connects with you.

Steps to becoming a case manager

Part of the process to become a case manager, in addition to experience as an RN, is to become certified. You can learn more about this certification process by looking at information on the Commission for Case Manager Certification website.

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