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By nature, nurses are very organized people. They have to be, considering the amount of balls they have in the air on any given shift or any given day in the office.

But nurses tend to be “in the moment” kind of people as well. This is important for their careers and the care they deliver. Because every patient is different. Every diagnosis is unique, in some way. That means every care encounter must also be different and tailored to that patient’s needs. This can only be accomplished by being in the moment. For the ability to do this, every nurse deserves a big, “Bravo!”

But as passionate and fulfilling as a nursing career can be, there is also the paperwork aspect that must be tended to. This means organizing and managing necessary or desired licenses and certifications. If you work for a large health system you may receive prompts to complete these. The state in which you work will also provide you with licensing renewal information and deadlines. But wouldn’t it be nice to have all of this information in one place? A place where you can access it 24/7?

This place does exist. It’s called StaffDNA. StaffDNA provides automated license and expiration reminder notifications. Additionally, you can create your online resume, update it and apply for jobs – all within StaffDNA. Check it out now to see how this site can help you stay organized, fill in the gaps of your licensing and certification processes and help you to stay in the moment with what you do best – being a nurse.

Receiving ongoing certifications is an important step on the ladder of your career. Need details about this? Check out this article on the American Associate of Critical-Care Nurses website.

Another important aspect of licensing and certifications is to remember that the licensing and certification process takes time. You will start receiving license reminders from the state in which you work about three months before your license expires. At that time, it’s advisable to:

  • Put a note in your smartphone calendar to remind you in two weeks, one month, two months, etc.
  • Create a StaffDNA account to stay on top of the renewal process
  • Remember that you may need to take courses or special training to renew your license, and this can take time
  • It can take up to two weeks to receive your license after submitting your renewal; try to submit your renewal at least three weeks before it is due.

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