Meditate to Relieve Stress

two young healthcare workers meditation during break to release work pressure

The act of meditation can be a moving target of sorts. It can bring up images of sitting cross-legged with fingertips touching thumb, eyes closed and chanting a mantra.

Sure, this is meditation. But so is going for a walk in nature. So is making the bed. So is chopping up vegetables for dinner. So is sitting by a lake or the ocean and gazing out. And so is closing your eyes for 30 seconds to center yourself, allowing negative emotions to flow out of you.

In its most simplified form, meditation is simply being still and clearing the mind, even if it is only for a moment. And everyone has time for that. Even those in the healthcare field. That means you, too, nurses!

A website called the Art of Living has a cool infographic about the benefits of meditation. Generally speaking, most people can experience the following through regularly practicing some form of mediation:

  • Reduced stress
  • Improved concentration
  • Relaxation
  • Fewer headaches
  • Greater self-awareness
  • More even-keeled emotions

As you read earlier, making the bed or cutting up vegetables can be a form of meditation. This is because these acts do not require the brain, so we actually tune out. This is meditation. By actually asking our higher selves, the universe, God, the Creator, whatever you choose, to provide us with the energy or inspiration we need to become more fulfilled, happy and helpful, this type of meditation can be life-giving … to ourselves.

Nurses in particular can benefit from finding their own type of meditation. Their work lives – and sometimes family and private lives – can be filled with others who need them. Nurses need a break! Check out this article that provides tips on how nurses can find time and places to meditate.

Do what you can to find your own personal form of meditation so that you can release tension, discover untapped energy and be inspired to do what you must to care for yourself.

Are you a nurse who meditates on a regular basis? Please share your tips on how others can make this their reality as well.

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